We Deliver Quality Services

We maintain complete and accurate records to ensure compliance with all legislative requirements. All inquiries are responded to promptly and we provide general advice to the members :

  • Writing and sending necessary owners corporation correspondence
  • Convening and facilitating inaugural, annual and special general meetings
  • Convening and facilitating committee meetings
  • Managing voting and ballots
  • Preparing and conducting surveys and research
  • Management of the owners register
  • Preparation of owners corporation records
  • Ensure that house rules are communicated and adhered to
  • Preparation of owners corporation certificates
  • Manage accurate records of assets, plans and regulations



PO Box 278, Doncaster Heights VIC 3109


03 8418 8787


Head Office Address

Suite 3
857-859 Doncaster Road
Doncaster Victoria 3108

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Monday To Friday 9am - 5pm

Emergency After Hours Call Out - In the event of a common property maintenance emergency after business hours, please call Roscon Property Services on 1800 767 266Please note that if the problem is related to your own private lot, you will be liable for the costs of the call out and any other charges incurred.