COVID-19 Owners Corporation Information

We are writing to inform you of the measures that Australian Body Corporate (ABC) is taking to assist the members of your community to understand and plan how to live with the COVID-19 Virus.

As Victorian Members of Strata Community Australia (SCA), ABC has consulted with relevant key authorities to provide reference resources (see attached) for Owners Corporations (OC) and their residents.

In the event a person tests positive to COVID-19, it is our understanding the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria (DHHS) will maintain regular contact with that person and provide guidelines as to how to manage their health circumstance and self-isolation.

Should an (OC) resident test positive and be directed to self-isolate in their residence, we request the resident, or their Managing Agent (if a tenant) contact their OC Manager immediately to advise them of their circumstances.
On receiving advice of a COVID-19 positive resident, ABC will then liaise with your OC Committee to initiate the following steps:

(i) Advise all owners and or Managing Agent of the presence of a COVID-19 positive resident at their OC (non-owner occupiers will be notified by their agents)

(ii) Arrange a “deep” clean of the common property touch point as soon as practicable
(iii) Advise recent and scheduled trades and services of the proximity of COVID-19 in the building

(iiii) In the event that a confirmed case of COVID-19 is reported at your Owners Corporation out of ABC Office hours, please contact ROSCON – 1800 767 266 and they will advise your Owners Corporation Manager.

Please Note that The Federal and State Privacy Acts prevent the disclosure at first instance of the identity of the resident.

The OC Manager does not have and will not have an agreement with or responsibility for the actions of a resident in isolation.

This is, as it should be, the responsibility of each individual resident and household.

We encourage everyone to support your community by staying safe and abiding by the Victorian Government guidelines with regards to social distancing and personal hygiene.

Your OC Manager and ABC are committed to assisting your community to our full capacity to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yours Sincerely, Australian Body Corporate Team

DHHS Covid Guidelines

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Apartment Living and Covid-19

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