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We operate independent bank account for all the Owners Corporations Plans, and all the bank accounts are reconciled every day. From these day to day transactions we provide you with records of income and expenditure, and assets and liabilities at each Annual General Meeting. We issue fee notices to members and ensure these are paid on time.

With multiple qualified accounting staff, Australian Body Corporate  provide your Owners Corporation with financial transparency and accuracy. Our accounts department has experienced staff including an in house (CPA) to process invoices and supplier payments, bank reconciliation, contribution and levy requirements and to answer member queries. We facilitate individual accounts for each Owners Corporation and produce financial reports. For large developments, we understand that additional reporting may be required and the preferred reporting method can be handled by our Accounts Team.

In addition to legislated financial requirements, we can also provide Committee Members access to financial information via our online portal.

The collection of overdue fees and levies is diligently pursued and we have formulated an internal procedure with excellent results. It should be noted that Australian Body Corporate has effectively recovered arrears.



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Emergency After Hours Call Out - In the event of a common property maintenance emergency after business hours, please call Roscon Property Services on 1800 767 266Please note that if the problem is related to your own private lot, you will be liable for the costs of the call out and any other charges incurred.