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With our team of experienced and qualified Strata Managers, Australian Body Corporate are all about establishing sound and long relationships with you the client.

This professional approach to Owners Corporations services enable our team to tailor your own specific requirements and requests to your Owners Corporations. Just check out our some of our clients.

Records, documentation
& reporting.

  • Maintain the Owners Corporations register including the names and addresses of Lot owners;
  • Keep the records of the Owners Corporations including meeting minutes, correspondence, building information and service provider contracts;
  • Keep and supervise the use of the Owners Corporations seal on relevant documents;
  • Prepare and issue Owners Corporations Certificates and answer reasonable enquiries at the cost of the applicant;
  • Deal with routine inwards and outward correspondence;
  • Provide a summary of, or copies of, documents identifying revenue and expenditure, transactions on accounts and correspondence received and sent concerning, or on behalf of, the Owners Corporations if requested by the Committee;
  • Arrange for a qualified person or company to prepare a Long-Term Maintenance Plan for the Owners Corporations.

Accounting & Finance.

  • Establish and operate an individual bank account in the name of the Owners Corporations;
  • Reconcile the Owners Corporations bank account in accordance with good accounting practices and relevant laws;
  • Keep financial records and prepare annual financial statements covering all Owners Corporations revenue and expenditure and assets and liabilities;
  • Arrange an external qualified auditor to audit the Owners Corporations financial records (if required);
  • Establish a fund for the Owners Corporations to hold monies assigned for long term maintenance as directed by the Owners Corporations;
  • Prepare an annual budget statement for approval of the Owners Corporations;
  • Issue notices for fees set and special fees levied by the Owners Corporations;
  • Ensure that all monies due and payable to the Owners Corporations are collected timely, either by itself or through third parties deemed appropriate by the Manager and, where appropriate and legally allowed, impose late fee penalties and/or interest on outstanding monies.
  • Pay invoices and insurance premiums on behalf of the Owners Corporations;
  • Invest surplus funds as agreed to by the Owners Corporations;
  • Prepare and lodge all relevant financial and taxation reports, returns and requisitions with the Australian Tax Office.

Meetings & Ballots.

  • Convene and attend the Annual General Meeting, Special General Meetings (as required) and Committee Meetings (as required);
  • Prepare and issue meeting notices and agendas accompanied with relevant documentation for meetings (annual financial statements and a report of the Manager’s activities to accompany an AGM notice);
  • Prepare and issue minutes for meetings;
  • Prepare and issue Owners Corporations and Committee of Management ballot forms

Legislative advice & guidance.

  • Provide comprehensive and learned advice in relation to the requirements of the Owners Corporations Act and Regulations;
  • Provide verbal and/or written advice to the Owners Corporations on request of specific matters reasonably regarded as within the scope of knowledge and/or practice of a person carrying out the duties of a paid manager of an Owners Corporations;
  • Otherwise provide such verbal and/or written advice to the Owners Corporations as is reasonably necessary to enable the Owners Corporations to carry out and perform its duties and functions;
  • Provide guidance to Building Managers and Caretakers in the performance of their duties, as required.


  • Arrange placement of insurance only with authorising licensees;
  • Arrange a valuation of the cost of reinstatement and replacement of the building/s as requested by the Owners Corporations;
  • Prepare and lodge routine insurance claims with insurers/brokers;
  • Provide any other insurance services in respect of insurance products offered through the authorising licensees.
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Our owners corporations services

At Australian Body Corporate we pride ourselves on providing a superior customer service. We can conduct on site meetings for the convenience of the members or if preferred the use of our office boardroom can be booked in advance.

We maintain complete and accurate records to ensure compliance with all legislative requirements. All inquiries are responded to promptly and we provide general advice to the members :

  • Writing and sending necessary owners corporation correspondence
  • Convening and facilitating inaugural, annual and special general meetings
  • Convening and facilitating committee meetings
  • Managing voting and ballots
  • Preparing and conducting surveys and research
  • Management of the owners register
  • Preparation of owners corporation records
  • Ensure that house rules are communicated and adhered to
  • Preparation of owners corporation certificates
  • Manage accurate records of assets, plans and regulations

We operate independent bank account for all the Owners Corporations Plans, and all the bank accounts are reconciled every day. From these day to day transactions we provide you with records of income and expenditure, and assets and liabilities at each Annual General Meeting. We issue fee notices to members and ensure these are paid on time.

With multiple qualified accounting staff, Australian Body Corporate provide your Owners Corporation with financial transparency and accuracy. Our accounts department has experienced staff including an in house (CPA) to process invoices and supplier payments, bank reconciliation, contribution and levy requirements and to answer member queries. We facilitate individual accounts for each Owners Corporation and produce financial reports. For large developments, we understand that additional reporting may be required and the preferred reporting method can be handled by our Accounts Team.

In addition to legislated financial requirements, we can also provide Committee Members access to financial information via our online portal.

The collection of overdue fees and levies is diligently pursued and we have formulated an internal procedure with excellent results. It should be noted that Australian Body Corporate has effectively recovered arrears.

All financial services are run by our in-house accounts team, headed by a qualified chartered accountant.

  • Transparent banking practices
  • Quarterly invoices sent to all owners
  • Collecting all fees and keeping arrears to a minimum
  • Management of all individual owner accounts
  • Management of all owners corporation accounts, including sinking funds
  • Regular financial reports given to committees

As registered Agents for multiple leading Strata Insurance Companies , we are able to obtain competitive quotes that best suit the individual Owners Corporations. As society becomes more litigious, protecting assets has increasingly become a priority for Owners Corporations.

Australian Body Corporate offers a multitude of competitive insurance packages, which leverage long-term relationships we have developed with Owners Corporation specific insurance agencies in VIC that can deliver cost savings to our client.

Legislation and rules/model rules impose many requirements on owners corporations (OC) and plans. Australian Body corporate OC managers offer guidance to our client committees to help achieve compliance.

In some cases we engage the services of specialist professionals, to guarantee there is no risk to the lives or assets of our OC owners through non-compliance on any building aspect.

Our key Legislative Compliance responsibilities are :

  • We conduct affairs of the owners corporation in accordance with the legislative requirements under the Owners Corporation Act 2006 and the Regulations to that Act.
  • We conduct affairs of the owners corporation in accordance with the legislative requirements under the Sub-division Act 1988 and the Regulations to that Act.
  • We conduct affairs of the owners corporation in accordance with the legislative requirements under OH&S legislation.
  • We conduct affairs of the owners corporation in accordance with the legislative requirements under any other applicable legislation
  • We ensure the safety of all occupants and visitors by consulting fire contractors and ensure all fire equipment at the property are being properly maintained
  • Arrange OH&S property reports
  • Provide general legislative advice and assistance to the owners corporation
our process

How to change Owners Corporations Management companies

Check Your Current Strata Management Agreement

If you haven’t already got a copy of your Owners Corporations Management contract, you will need to obtain one. Ask your current strata manager for a copy of this agreement. Check the exit details of this contract to see what notice period must be followed to leave the agreement and if there are any special considerations.

Due Diligence – Seek alternative quotes from other Owners Corporations Management Companies

Obtain quotes online from several strata management companies. Make sure that all quotes are sent through to you via email so that you can review the contract terms. Compile a list of functions and prices that each company provides and compare with your current manager. Once you’ve done this review, list and choose your preferred strata manager.

Make sure to check that all strata management companies that you ask to quote are members of Strata Community Association (SCA), the leading industry body for professional strata managers.

Contact your newly nominated manager and advise them that you intend to transfer to their management. The new manager can then assist you with the formalities of exiting the current contract.

Provide your current strata manager with their formal termination notice as per the terms of the agreement

If you do not give notice to terminate the Contract of Appointment in sufficient time, your Contract of Appointment may automatically roll over for a further 12 months at the expiry date. Make sure that the termination notice falls within the guidelines of your relevant state legislation or Act.

Whichever comes first a Committee Meeting, Special General Meeting or the Annual General Meeting, ask for the required motions to be included in the meeting agenda

Owners may submit a motion to be included on the agenda at the next general meeting after the notice to terminate the current Manager has been received. For the motion to be passed, a majority of those present at the general meeting need to vote in favour and pass the ordinary resolution.

Advise your new Strata Manager of their appointment

The committee will need to provide your new Manager with the information of your existing Manager, from there your new Manager can organise the final handover and transfer of documents. Generally, your newly appointed Manager will handle the rest.

All of the above should be considered in conjunction with the relevant legislation.

Australian Body Corporate is happy to answer any additional questions you may have or provide you with a no obligation free quote which may help you make an informed decision.

recent testimonial

Since changing to Australian Body Corporate in 2018 the team have provided guidance and advice to the committee on numerous complex issues such as cladding. Based on the excellent working relationship I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Mr. Mars Committee Member

In December 2021 the Committee were tasked with finding a new Owners Corporation Management Company, after an extensive search and shortlisting process we made the move to ABC. We have seen a vast improvement in our large building in areas as cost savings and services provided.

Mr. Turnham Chairperson

Aus Body Corporate have been managing our block of units for a number of years, We have found them to be very responsive and to communicate well over any issues or items requiring attention, Rowena has been very attentive and quick to respond to any queries, She has provided excellent advice around best course of action in numerous different situations and is well versed in the responsibilities of a body corp. Would recommend highly.

Mr Walsh

We appointed Australian Body Corporate approximately 18 months ago. I am particularly satisfied with the service provided by the team; they are always prompt and professional when responding to requests. They arranged garden maintenance for the development which I must say is being performed by a contractor that has carried out the work in a manner that exceeded my expectations.

Mr Collinson

Massive thank you to the team at Australian Body Corporate. They are managing a lot of body corporates that we’ve been involved with. They are such a pleasure to work with and we have nothing but positive things to say.

From the team at Ray White Preston

Outstanding service! I’ve now used ABC on several occasions and to date have never been let down. When they have been presented with demanding circumstances they excel & also achieved above my expectations on most occasions.

Ray White Manningham Team

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Additional Information for Owners, please download as required.

Additional Information for Owners, please download as required.

Additional Information for Owners, please download as required.

Additional Information for Owners, please download as required.

Additional Information for Owners, please download as required.

Additional Information for Owners, please download as required.

Additional Information for Owners, please download as required.

Additional Information for Owners, please download as required.

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